Nude-O-Scope Experiences

This section has been created for passengers to share their stories of opting-out at US Airports. Stories will be added frequently, so please visit this page to see the truth behind opting-out.






First-Hand Experiences from fellow passengers

While passengers are given the option of opting-out of the Nude-O-Scope, many have shared stories of retalliatory patdowns, and other rude encounters from TSA "officers"

Below is a first-hand account from Rosemary T., from Norfolk.

"Opting out of the scanner inflicts punitive measures on the traveler. I speak from experience.

September 11, 2010, I flew out of Atlanta's airport and ended up in the "random pick" line for the backscatter x-ray. I told the already-scowling TSA attendant that - due to personal and religious beliefs - I wanted to opt out of the backscatter scanner.

She rolled her eyes and told me to step around the machine. In a strident voice, she then screeched (and I mean SCREECHED), "I need a female attendant for a pat down!"

This was my first time dealing with this new technology, but I'd decided months ago that I was NOT going to be microwaved on "medium defrost" *and* have my 51-year-old body ogled by a TSA employee..." read the rest of her story on FlyerTalk




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